Angels and Archangels

Angels and Archangels are extensions and messengers of God. Angels are beings who were created by God at the beginning of time.  Angels exist throughout the universe and have vast duties.

Throughout history, many of the well-known Archangels have been given many names.  For example, Archangel Haniel is also known as Hanael or Anael in different religious texts.

While they seem to have wings, they typically materialize with or as their associated color.  They are neither male nor female.  However, they appear to us as we need to see them.

Human beings have categorized Angels into categories or choirs including Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim.  While these Angels do indeed exist, they are not concerned with rankings.  When I spoke with my spiritual team about this concept, I was shown an image of all of these types of Angels, holdings hands in a circle.  It is a reminder that we are all one and one beings contribution is not less important than another based upon classification.  We all have the ability to incorporate their characteristics into our daily lives. For example, to make certain changes in our lives, we are required to hold a different vibration.  If you find yourself in repeated adverse situations, you are called to see how you can raise your frequency. The first step may be to see the hearts of all involved in the set of circumstances.  This action will lend compassion to the situation.

By calling forth unconditional love, you have the power to begin changing the energy of any situation.

Archangels oversee certain areas in life such as sacred geometry, psychic development, communication, healing, nature, animals, music, protection, transitions, balancing energy during times of disasters and many other specialties.  Archangels also have a team of dedicated Angels to help them facilitate their specialization.  For example, Archangel Raphael has a large order of Healing Angels that can also answer our requests.

Angels or Guardian Angels are no less powerful than Archangels but have different duties than Archangels.  All Angels, no matter the type, can be with you in one thought.  After all, they are made of light.  Angels and Guardian Angels will comfort you in times of need but also assist you in making healthy life choices and can give fantastic business guidance.

As Kyle Gray says, “Angels exist because we do.” 

Your main Guardian Angel is the same Guardian Angel you have had with you throughout all previous lifetimes and the one you will have for future incarnations. 

Angels work alongside members of your guidance squad, which may include other types of Angels, Spirit Guides, Fairies, Elves and other celestial beings.  If you are seeking information on new topics, they may leave breadcrumbs to help you land on the correct trail.

My experience with all Angels is that they love us unconditionally and already see us as perfectly whole and healed.  They are genuinely nonjudgmental and will help us in spite of ourselves. 

Have you ever had a gut feeling that told you to leave work five minutes earlier?  Have you ever received a gentle nudge to eat more healthful? 

It is likely your Angels placed those thoughts in your mind.

I incorporate working with Angels, God and other members of my Guidance Squad throughout my day.  Working with Angels is not merely for just a one-time request; working with them is truly a lifestyle.

Angels can pray with you if asked and they also experience joy with us.  One of my favorite attributes of an Angel is that they hold the space for you.  They embrace us in love and treasure us. 

More information and channeled messages are always coming soon!