Archangel Ariel


Ariel is the Archangel who assists us with confidence and trusting the path that we are on.  Ariel’s energy is that of a loving and fierce lioness.  She can help oversee your home life and send protective energy your way.

Concerning your home life, Ariel is a teacher who reminds us that true abundance comes from God.

Enjoy the following channeled message from Archangel Ariel!

Courage and Fire

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Archangel Ariel.

It is great to be here with you on this day.

Today I wish to speak with you about Courage and Fire.

Many of you have unspeakable talents and yet many of them remain unclaimed.  We wish for you to stand in your truth and own your birthright.  It is time to share what you know.

Approach each project with Courage and Fire.  We ask that you begin with Courage to share your inner knowing.  We ask that you also use Fire to burn away negative thought patterns as you begin your projects. The more knowledge you share with others; the more information we can continue to give you.  Be fearless in your pursuit of your projects.  Creating from the heart and soul will always lead you on the right path.  We Angels are with you each step of the way.  We will teach you and help you to awaken to the beauty that is YOU.  Stay encouraged.  We will send you signs along the way to remind you that you are on the right track.  If you are unclear on your next action step, ask for help for we are only a thought away.  The next action step will always appear when it is time.  An action step may be you enrolling in a course designed to help you fine tune your writing abilities or it could be to spend a day in nature or with loved ones.

Some of you worry you are letting us down when you perceive to make a mistake.  We wish to remind you that you never let us down.  Each day you can begin anew. 

With the rapidly changing energies on Earth, many of you will be introducing new concepts to those on your planet.  You are way showers.  You are not alone in your creations as we have aligned you with friends and partners who are also introducing new concepts.  This is purposeful.  In this bond, you will rise together.

The greatest honor you can bestow upon yourself is loving yourself unconditionally throughout your entire journey.  Loving yourself unconditionally will free you from the burdens of perfectionism.

We honor you.

In Love,

Archangel Ariel