Archangel Raguel


Raguel, whose name means “friend of God,” is the Archangel known to help us with seeing all perspectives during times of discord.  He also assists with helping us see situations from a higher outlook when we are tasked with making a difficult decision.

Archangel Raguel will stretch you so that you will grow.  He teaches us justice, fairness, patience and compassion.  The result at the end of a challenging circumstance is your answer.  In that I mean, in some situations, we must release them with love and move on from it to continue our expansion. 

Enjoy the following channeled message from Archangel Raguel.


Every experience in your life is about relationships.  The relationships you have with your parents, siblings, spouse, significant other, children, friends and coworkers is a mirror.

I am known as the Archangel and Justice and Fairness.  Call upon me for more than assisting in solving quarrels.  I can help bring balance to your life by helping you develop a positive relationship with yourself.

By having balance with yourself, you can stop quarrels in their tracks.  I can help you see another’s perspective by invoking justice and fairness for yourself.  By being just and fair with yourself, you in turn are less judgmental and more patient, understanding and compassionate of others.

Seeing justice and fairness is not about pointing the finger at another person.  I may lead you to ask questions of yourself such as: What did you learn from the situation?  What is the gift in the situation? 

Other times you will be guided to remove yourself from a situation that no longer serves your growth.

Every encounter is an opportunity to express Love from our Creator.

In Love,

Archangel Raguel