Archangel Zaphkiel


Archangel Zaphkiel is not currently as well known as Archangel Michael or Archangel Raziel.  However, it does not make his contributions any less valuable than his counterparts.  Archangel Zaphkiel was among eleven other Archangels and other Star Beings that provided ancient knowledge to the Egyptians, including Light Language.

My experience with Zaphkiel made me feel as though I just left a personal coaching session with a mentor who inspired me to trust myself again and remember why I set out to do what I came to do!  During our conversations, he also provided me with detailed information of past lives in Egypt and insight other roles I have played in the cosmos.

His energetic color is a vibrant red mixed with gold.  When he did appear in form, he was dressed as a pharaoh wearing a white Shendyt with a blue apron over it, along with a white and cream headdress.

While Archangel Zaphkiel has a name similar to Archangel Zadkiel, they are not the same Archangel.

If you would like to remember ancient knowledge, I would recommend adding Archangel Zaphkiel to your toolbox!

When I asked Archangel Zaphkiel what else he wished me to share, he advised he wanted to discuss letting go.


Letting Go

Dear Ones,

The art of letting go represents you acknowledging your sovereignty.  Sovereignty over the choices you will make, but above all, you are in fact, embodying your divinity.

Claiming your divinity is your birthright but is not a technique that is applied by all.  The method of claiming your divinity is as simple as setting the intention to claim it.  That is it.

God is in all situations.  Trust when you receive nudges that we are helping to lead you to where your Soul wants to go.

As you continue to step into your power, you will be letting go of energy – in all forms, that no longer serves your future destination. 

We prep you for release at every stage, whether you realize it or not.  You release energy more times in your life than just during the eclipse or full moon.  You release when your system can no longer maintain the lower vibration that is causing you dissent.

The preparation phase for letting go will first include feeling the nudges from your Soul to divest oneself of the lower vibration.  That may include seeking friendship from others, discarding of clutter and taking risks you had not planned.  As you begin to trust releasing what you must, you may find yourself carrying the emotions of heaviness or sadness.  Those feelings are the energy in your system rising to the surface, asking to be transmuted into compassion and understanding. 

As you let go, opportunities you prepared for lifetimes will be ready to present themselves to you. 

We say letting go is an art form as it is synonymous with the integration phase of the new energies.  Integrating the new energies into your system does take time.  However, the amount of time it takes to surrender is determined by your ability to trust in the process.

We also say unto you this – You are not alone.  We have been here with you since the beginning of time and will always be with you.  Call upon us.  We support you in your endeavors and will always guide you to the Truth. 

Archangel Zaphkiel