Archangel Haniel


Archangel Haniel is associated with the moon phases and assists mediums and spiritual teachers with the development of their gifts and expansion of self. 

When I think about Haniel, I am immediately washed with her loving light blue and silver colored energy.  Working with her is like speaking with a close sibling or best friend.  She is patient and works tirelessly to ensure you understand the lessons that may present themselves in your life.

Haniel is an Archangel I work with daily.  She, alongside Archangel Ariel, assisted my family in our move from Illinois to Colorado.  They assisted us in securing fantastic movers, job negotiations and finding the perfect home for our family.  The details provided to us were astounding.  For example, when looking at homes, she would advise if the person we contacted would be difficult to work with or if the home was not in the best condition, despite what was presented online.  Our move was perfect for our family for a variety of reasons, including that fact that my intuitive abilities have greatly expanded since being closer to the mountains.

Haniel is distinct in her communications and answers your requests for guidance at the speed of light.  If you are not paying attention, you might mistakenly think she is not present because her energy is so gentle.  Other Archangels who have a similar presence are Archangel Jeremiel and Archangel Raguel.  Like all Angels, she will send messages repeatedly until she is certain you have understood her guidance. 

Recently, I was guided to spend less time on electronics.  The next morning, I instinctively knew it was not the best time to check e-mails, but I did anyway.  The first email I saw at 6 a.m. was an email from another spiritual practitioner indicating she was guided by Archangel Michael to spend less time on electronics and he gave her specific action steps.  I knew Haniel would present my specific action steps to me.  During my lunch break at work, she sent me mental images of when the best time to check e-mails and social media accounts and how much time to spend on them.  Upon implementing the changes given by Archangel Haniel and Michael, my energy felt instantly uplifted. 

They of are a source of unconditional love, however, they can be very specific with information if requested of them.


Enjoy the following channeled message from Archangel Haniel.

Greetings Dear Ones, it is I, Haniel.

You may know me from the stories you have read online.  We Angels would like to discuss our abilities with you.  We can do much more than you ask.  Many of you only ask for help with finding a romantic partner, spouse, and assistance with your finances.  We Angels can carry your worries if you would but trust us, but most of all trust in yourself to move forward.  Each of you wields the power to channel your passions and love into a profitable business.  The time is coming for many of you to start your own businesses.  Some of you will give readings; some of you will perform virtual healings.  It is all needed at this time on Earth.  We will assist you and walk hand in hand with you, but you must ask. 

I, Haniel, can work with you on your business, personal healing, and psychic development.  It is a lifelong process in which I can be of service.  We feel it is worth repeating that you do not need to know everything before you begin to offer your services.  Many of you have taken so many classes you don’t know where to start with your offerings.  We say, start from the heart.  It will never lead you down the wrong path, as it may sometimes seem.  You are never left alone on your path. 

I assist in the development of your abilities by connecting your past, present and future.  Through your hands, you can help share love with the world.  Move forward as you know you must do.  You are capable of more than you know. You are ready.

In Love,