My family and I recently moved from Chicago to Colorado.  As we drove across the state border into Colorado, a beautiful Native American Spirit appeared to me.  Her energy felt familiar to me, and I specifically felt her to be from the Lakota Nation of Native Americans, who hail from North and South Dakota.  I sensed she was welcoming me to sacred land.  She then placed an eagle on my arm.  I knew then I would be working with a new Animal Guide.  Not only did she welcome me, but she would also be guiding me on my journey in becoming more aligned with Christ Consciousness.

I went back to sleep shortly after our meeting.  When I awoke, I could not stop thinking about the new spirit I met. Several weeks later, it dawned on me that during my pregnancy a Native American Spirit was helping me heal my morning sickness.  My morning sickness was so severe; I was unable to work for nearly two months.  She made her presence known to me at that time so that I would remember our encounter years later.   After the realization, I knew her to be White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Photo by Jack Baer

Photo by Jack Baer

“I AM WHITE BUFFALO Woman, known as “She of a Thousand White Clouds & Thunder Beings” in The Sophia Code cosmology” - Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code

During a phone conversation with my friend, Carrie, I was telling her that I recently saw White Buffalo Calf Woman.  She mentioned our mutual friend John, had White Buffalo Calf Woman on his altar.  I immediately texted John to ask for an image of his altarupon looking at the figurine of White Buffalo Calf Woman, I got 'Angel bumps' as validation

The same night, I thought back to a picture my husband took.  When I first looked at the picture with my father, we knew the picture was no ordinary picture.  We felt the picture to have a Thunder Being in it.

Photo by Jack Baer

Photo by Jack Baer

Last month my family, my friend Isabel, and I went to Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge

Prior to becoming a Refuge, Plains Indians followed large herds of bison and lived off the land.  Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Army transformed the area into a chemical weapons manufacturing facility called the Rocky Mountain Arsenal to support World War II. As production declined at war's end, a portion of the idle facilities were leased to Shell Chemical Co. for the production of agricultural chemicals. The Arsenal was later used for Cold-War weapons production and demilitarization.  In the early 1980s, the Army and Shell began an extensive environmental cleanup under the oversight of federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. Soon after, a roost of bald eagles was discovered prompting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to become involved in managing wildlife at the site. The discovery also led Congress to designate the site as a national wildlife refuge in 1992. In the mid-1990s, a unique public-private partnership formed among the U.S. Army, Shell Oil Co., and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As cleanup progressed and projects met federal and state regulatory requirements, the Army transferred land to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to establish and expand the Refuge. The Arsenal’s cleanup program was completed in 2010 and the Refuge has reached its final size of 15,000 acres making it one of the largest urban refuge's in the country.”


As soon as we drove into the Refuge, to my right, I was startled to see a bison walking toward our car.  His energy was intense and felt as if he was carrying the wisdom of his ancestors with him.   I knew and felt White Buffalo Calf Woman to be present.  She whispered “Spirit of the Buffalo, Great Spirit of the Plains.”

We continued to drive around and take pictures of other animals such as deer and coyotes.  As we drove toward the exit, we saw more bison.  We pulled our car to the side of the road and I began to pray.  As another bison was preparing to cross, I asked him for a message.  He said, “Slow and steady.  There is strength in your steps.”

As my friend Isabel also prayed, he stopped in front of our car for a bit and then crossed.

Photo by Jack Baer

Photo by Jack Baer

Message from White Buffalo Calf Woman:

“I am here.  I am with you always.  I have never left this land.  There are times in which my presence is felt more strongly, but I am here.  We ask that each of you care for this land, for we are all it’s caretaker.  Nothing can be done without you, as everything is done for you.  Join hands in love and walk toward freedom.  It is within you.  Your heart is your compass, for it knows the way.  Each and every day is a miracle and we stand beside you in love.  We are here; we are here, we are here.”

Spirit is everything, in all things.  Everything in life is spiritual - every action taken.  We are the Divine experiencing the Divine.

In Love and Gratitude,