Lady Portia is an Ascended Teacher who works with the 7th or Purple Ray.  The Purple Ray represents transmutation.  Many Ascended Teachers who assist us with psychic or scientific development, reside on this plane.

Energy cannot be destroyed.  When we pray to God and ask our Guidance Squad for help in removing something from our life, they assist you with transmuting the energy into something else, such as patience.  

When you call upon Lady Portia, be prepared to move forward quickly.  She will work with your Higher Self or Over Soul to plan certain events in your life so that you may learn particular lessons quicker or more deeply than the first time the growth opportunity presented itself to you.  For example, if you call upon Lady Portia to assist you in understanding why you seem not to get promoted at your job, she may show you a situation that may catapult you towards working at a job that is more suited for you.

Enjoy the following channeled message from Lady Portia. 

Soul Determination

Soul determination is a combination of sheer will and courage.  It is a powerful duo.  Fear of starting a project is never greater than having true soul determination.  Soul determination comes from your knowing, intuition, and heart.

Call upon me when starting a new project.  I will help motivate you and remind you of your resilience.  Do not be frightened, for fear of failure will keep you from achieving your highest potential.  Creating with fear at the head of the table will only give you more reasons to fear. 

Your heart is your true compass.  Believe in yourself.  Give your fear of failure to God.

Walk forward in Love,

Lady Portia