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On a quiet Saturday morning, I was greeted by Sacajawea.  Sacajawea is widely known as the Shoshone interpreter who was a guide on the Lewis & Clark expedition.

She noted she wanted to make her presence known in my energetic field and she would return later when it was time to speak further.  We also discussed her background and some of the work she did while on earth.

A few weeks later, I set the intention with my Gatekeeper Guide, Joy, to meet with Sacajawea again. 

After grounding my energy the evening we planned to speak, she immediately stepped forward.  I thanked her for coming to talk to me again.  I instantaneously realized Sacajawea serves both as an Ascended Master and Regional Spirit Guide.

My first question to her was, “What message would you like shared?”

She answered, “That we are all one.  Yes, we Spirit Guides have areas of specialization; however, we all ultimately serve Love (God).

We wish to speak about peace among the land.  Pray for Mother Earth.  Prayer is healing and brings the Holy Spirit down from the ethers.  Pray for civilization, not just the country you reside in, as all of the lands are connected through ley lines.  Ley lines are in the mountains, ground, streams, rivers, and oceans.  The land contains healing codes that are activated through prayer.  Yes, you can connect to the grid for information, but we need all of you to pray for your lands.  Through this, we unite all beings in Spirit and the flesh.

In my most recent incarnation, I traveled, wide and far and saw many things.  Never has it been easy as it is now to connect with one another.  Call forth the power of group prayer.  Rally together in peace, to hold the space for Mother Earth as she does for you.

The birds can also spread love throughout the earth for you by carrying messages across space and time.  Birds know nothing of sorrow.  They seek to spread the love by singing and simply being.”

The grid and ley lines of the earth are much like the Akashic records, except the land holds the information here on earth and is also accessible to all.   The time is now.  No special skills are required to do this for Gaia.  You can pray at night or just put your hand on the ground with the intention of healing, sending love, and also receiving information. “

We then began to converse about Regional Spirit Guides in general as a group of Western Spirit Guides they were standing around her.

I asked them what they did on a daily basis.

They began to speak as a collective.  “We help provide for Mother Earth.  We can help influence weather patterns and even provide safety for travelers new to the area.”

Last year, I moved to Colorado from Chicago.  As a result of the higher elevation and activations I have received, I have encountered far more Beings than before.  I asked them why I was seeing so many Native American Spirit Guides, such as Rainbow Warriors since I moved to Colorado. 

They answered in unison “We are from these lands and have chosen to dedicate our time to caring for the Earth and its inhabitants.  There are not more of us in the West per say, you are just now more aware and connected to yourself.  Through this connection, you can see and feel what we do here.  We care for the water, land and also animals.

I was then shown an image of the Boulder, Colorado flood that happened in 2013.  They showed me pictures of them rescuing some of the animals and stabilizing the energy of the land.

They then stated “We stand proud and together, in harmony, to work to keep the balance for Mother Earth.  It is an honor to serve her in this manner.”

I asked them what was it like to connect with one another and Mother Earth before times changed.

“Daily connection and spiritual living was our way of life.  From the time a young one was born, we practiced.  Time was taken throughout the day to practice and give thanks for all we were provided with.  Our people made the ultimate sacrifice, like yours, to share our gifts differently.  Those of us – in fact, many of us – that have chosen to incarnate again carry the codes and ability to ignite change.  Having a daily spiritual practice is essential to healthful living and balance.  We, like African Shamans, had a ritual at every stage of development.  We supported one another and carried our member’s burdens to the fire.  The fire was transmutation.”

Using discernment, I encourage you to connect with your Regional Spirit Guides when you have the opportunity. Regional Spirit Guides can include Native American Guides, Ascended Masters such as Sacajawea, past Shaman’s of the area, Sylphs and other Elementals.

- My prayer to connect with Regional Spirit Guides -

“Thank you, Mother Earth, for providing for me and all of its inhabitants.   I see you in your natural state as healed and fully restored.  I set the intention to connect with any Regional Spirit Guides in alignment with my energy that can teach me about what I can do to assist in providing loving service to Mother Earth, and so it is.”