Ascended Teachers

There has been much speculation as to who and what the Ascended Teachers are.  Some say they are wise beings who no longer incarnate because they have ascended through their soul's evolution to become one with their Over Soul or Higher Self.  I believe this to be true; however, it is important to realize they are our partners and friends who are on the journey with us.  They can give incredible insight from their unique perspectives.

Some of them are jovial or more serious, but most importantly, they exude love.  Some of their energy can feel as though you walked through a vortex and some of their energy is so gentle you may not realize they are around.

One detail we can all agree on is - they help all who ask.  Ascended Teachers may give you answers in the form of signs or they will drop thoughts into your mind “randomly.”  Those ideas are often answers to your prayers.  If you are ever unsure, they will keep giving hints until you grasp the concept.

They wish for us all to know there is no one guru of humanity.  You are your own guru.  Always vote for yourself in your personal development - you are stronger than you realize.  Do not give your power away.  It is not enough to sit back and wait for the perfect course to appear.  Seek knowledge and always use discernment.

When I asked my guidance squad for the number of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Teachers that existed, I received an instant, collective response of “unlimited.” They come in both genders, all races and have lived in times that are no longer known to human history.  Some Ascended Teachers also serve as Spirit Guides or teachers for individuals.  Others lend their energy to the collective without serving as a particular teacher for anyone.  Every person can work with an Ascended Master.  You do not have to complete a certain number of courses or hours of meditation to do so. Simply ask.

When you meet an Ascended Teacher or any Spirit you are not familiar with, ask them who they are and what their message is. If you don’t, they will still find a way to get their message across to you so you can connect with them.

Someone recently asked me why there seems to be a lot of “new” Ascended Teachers being discussed.  Many of the Ascended Teachers and Goddesses coming into mainstream awareness are in fact not new at all.  They have always worked behind the scenes or may have cloaked themselves until we were ready to see them for who they are.  There has never been a time in which we can more intimately connect with them due to the many lifetimes of work that has been completed to help ascend our planet.

More information and channeled messages are always coming soon!