Gatekeeper Guides live up to their title.  They keep healthy boundaries to whom we connect with in Spirit.  I have had the same Gatekeeper Guide since birth, and she has expressed to me, she will be with me my entire lifetime.  I have friends who have experienced a “changing of the guard” concerning their Gatekeeper Guide, and the change occurred when profound spiritual shifts occurred.

Gatekeeper Guides are on continuous duty.  Imagine someone who stands guard around you with a clipboard and checks a list of names!  They keep track of when it’s time for other guides to enter our lives.

In addition to spiritual protection, they can give great insight as to why a new guide has shown up in our lives.  My Gatekeeper Guide was very hands on with my initial psychic development and kept me motivated to keep going. 

Additionally, they are present for every psychic reading you may have.  Even if your Gatekeeper Guide is not speaking individually, they have coordinated with the member of your Guidance Squad who may be speaking and they also manage the information that is shared with you at the time of your reading.  If you have ever had a Past Life Regression, they have been the Guide who revealed what you needed to know and see in the regression.

When I meet a new Guide, I typically check in with my Gatekeeper Guide for details.