Goddess Diandra – Goddess of Stars

Goddess Diandra first appeared to me wearing a cloak made of stars. 

She recently appeared again to deliver a message to a dear friend.  This time, she also carried a compass in her hand.  She gave a message to assist her in embracing her intuitive abilities.

Goddess Diandra is not a new Goddess but is making herself known again to all soul travelers who call upon her to shine her light in areas where they feel overcome by obscurity.

Her presence is that of a trusted friend, advisor, and guide.  Waves you once felt you were having a difficult time steering through will flow again.

Meet Diandra, Goddess of Stars:

Dear Ones,

Do not fret or be overcome by sadness as you embark on another leg of your journey.  You will always be letting go of the old to embrace the new.  You have not lost anything, but gained all of you in return.

You are not navigating uncharted territory alone.  Look to the stars and call upon me for direction.

I can shine light where there is darkness.

I can help you remember why you began again.

You have many guides who wish to assist you – all you must do is ask.

Embrace your journey so that you may see the beauty in all that surrounds you.  As you vibrate higher, new opportunities you did not anticipate will arrive.

Set sail in pursuit of your dreams.  They are seeking you in return.

With Love,