When I meditated this evening, I asked for a mantra to be delivered through me to share with others who may be undergoing a challenging situation.  Specifically, I asked for assistance in helping others remember their true self.

In spiritual truth, we are already healed.

I hope you enjoy this!  Life is too beautiful not to be truly living!

If you know someone who may be in need of this prayer, please pass this on to them.


Healing Mantra by Archangel Raphael and The Healing Angels

I am healed.

I am whole.

My heart is not broken.

Let love set me free.

The manifestation of myself on Earth is an extension of God.  I know my Divine heritage, which is my birthright.  My path is mine alone.

My true source of abundance is God.

I release control over needing to know how and when.

I affirm my greatness.

I do not exist separate from God.

I affirm what I already know to be true:

I am healed.

I am here.

I am free.

I am love.