Your Main Spirit Guide is one that will stay with you the entire duration of your lifetime.  Before your incarnation, you both agreed to work together.  It is highly likely you have had at least one life together, and they are part of your Higher Consciousness.

As you were preparing and finalizing your Soul Contract, your Main Spirit Guide underwent additional training.  They begin working with other Guides, Ascended Masters or celestial beings who have expertise in the areas of development you come to Earth to experience.  In addition, they review your Soul Contract with you, your Higher Self and a group of beings that oversee the creation and implementation of it.

Your Main Spirit Guide brings together additional Guides to help you in your lifetime.  They work very closely with your primary Guardian Angel and Gatekeeper Guide.  I like to refer to my main Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel and Gatekeeper Guide as “Three’s Company” when I am speaking to them all at once.  Yes, my Main Spirit Guide is quite jovial.

My Main Spirit Guide first revealed his presence to me when I was about seven years old.  He was the first non-physical being I connected with before I began regularly seeing and hearing Angels and Ancestor Spirits.  I have since learned much more about why we chose to work together and more about his duties on the other side.