Regional Spirit Guides

Regional Spirit Guides.png

Regional Spirit Guides proudly help oversee certain regions of the world. They operate in every continent.  They are typically assigned an area, with other guides, based on what the land and inhabitants will need.  Their prior life experience in the region and previous life themes, also determine how they will help.

For instance, a Regional Spirit Guide in Western Africa may serve as a guide in that area to help upcoming Shamans with practicing ritual in Spirit or invoking the assistance of their ancestors.

Regional Spirit Guides can help a space by bringing balance and healing.  They also help with connection to Mother Earth.

To me, like other guides, they are sacred.  They often congregate to plan how they will assist others, even if that includes making sure how their message is shared with the world.

Since moving to Colorado, I have seen a great multitude or Regional Spirit Guides.  They have opened my eyes to Regional Spirit Guides across the world that are assisting us all.  Ultimately, they wish for us to remember who we are – aspects of Source, on our way to remembering our divinity.

Please enjoy this article on my recent experience with Sacajawea, who is an Ascended Master and also a Regional Spirit Guide!