Business Guides

Business Guides attentively assist you with the development of your business.  They can also help facilitate your career development at your place of employment.  Specifically, they ensure your expansion aligns with the job opportunities available for you.  You will be called to cultivate your innate talents to blossom.  This process is rewarding, and you can appreciate your progress.

During my undergraduate studies, I initially pursued a degree in biology.  I was planning a career path in medicine.  I knew my entire life I would not become a physician; however, I attended numerous summer programs for pre-medical students before entering college.  After attendance at each program, I began to accept what I intuitively knew all along; I needed to reconsider my course of study.  During the second semester of my freshman year in college, I transferred to the school of business and graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems.  I enjoyed utilizing my analytical abilities to code computer programs and learn about running a business.  After graduation and working in the corporate world for a long time, I then earned by MBA with a concentration in Project Management.  There is no doubt my study of business not only enhanced my analytical abilities, I truly began to rely on my intuition and was able to use discernment at a young age in the workplace.  Living a spiritual life is about balance and includes incorporating your gifts in any job you work.

Business Guides will show you the gifts you have developed throughout your life and how you can apply them effectively in your own business.  They will also help you with project development including best release dates and other ways to earn income.