Spirit Guides

Our Guidance Squad consists of various beings that help us fulfill our Soul Contracts with love.  Spirit Guides are a large piece of the puzzle that make up your entire Guidance Squad.  Your Spirit Guides may include Ascended Teachers, Collectives, Goddesses, Fairies, Gnomes, Nature Spirits (trees, plants, and flowers), Animal Guides, and even mythical beings. 

Spirit Guides are non-physical beings.  Many of the Guides you work with have had at least one physical life before, especially your Main Spirit Guide.  They come from all backgrounds and vary in size and age.

While your Spirit Guides work together as a collective, they do have individual names that will resonate with you.  For me, it is important to know their names as it has helped me deepen my relationship with them.  However, it is not critical to know their names because what you ask of your Guidance Squad that aligns with your Highest Good, will be given to you.

I consider my Guidance Squad part of my family.  My husband will even ask on occasion who on our spirit team popped in to deliver information to us.

Spirit Guides can help you with tasks you might consider mundane.  I have a Guide that will help me manage my workflow by giving suggestions on what items to work on first or what energy I can expect in the workplace on any given day.  You can ask your Spirit Guides for assistance before going into a job interview, book selections and of course help with your path.

Many Spirit Guides serve dual roles. Your Animal Guide may also act as a Joy Guide. Joy Guide's remind us to connect with our inner child and have fun. Family Guides may also be Protector Guides. Family Guides assist with karmic healing patterns but may also watch out for your family's safety. Our family has a Native American guide who provides protection.

Guides can deliver advice to you directly, through a friend or co-worker and through a fun technique called The Spirit Shuffle.  In the Amanda Linette Meder Membership Program, we were given a method of receiving advice through song.  I have always received a lot of help from Spirit through song.  Ever hear the same song back to back?  Yep.  That’s a sign from your guidance team.  Recently, I kept hearing the same Michael Jackson song in my break room for three days in a row around the same time.  I finally tuned into the last lines of the song and found my message.  Back to The Spirit Shuffle - Amanda suggested asking Spirit to send you messages through the songs on your phone.  You simply hit shuffle on your playlist.  Voila!  It’s that simple.  The key is, you can’t skip over any songs! 

At times, you may felt like you have been challenged by your Guidance Squad, but the reality is they stretch you so you can evolve.  You can only meet growth opportunities as much as you have met yourself.  In that I mean, to progress on the next leg of your journey, we must fully realize our Divinity.  The only expectation they have of you is that you live your life to the fullest.  They love and adore you as much as you love them. 

More information and channeled messages are always coming soon!