A Guardian Angel's Perspective: Deep Roots

When you were born, I knew you would have a challenging life.  I have watched you grow and evolve into the strong individual you are.

Your parents made choices that did affect your childhood in a negative way.  Each challenge you met head on.

Even when you felt you hit rock bottom, it was I who gave you the nudge to get up and keep going.

We understand and are proud of the choices you have made.  We understand why you made the difficult decisions you did and we honor and support you.

We meet you, and we stand with you.

It is time to embrace your gifts and embark on a journey you never thought possible.

Your dreams were placed in your heart for a reason, and they are attainable by you. We have sent you guides to help strengthen your development, but your own personal resolve is also required.

Stand in YOUR remarkable truth.

We love you and ask that you look to the Divine for continued support and acknowledgment.

None of your steps have been insignificant - you have never failed.

With Love,

Your Team

*The letter started out as one Angel sharing her message with her charge and then the charge’s collective spoke. 

Faith Anderson