A Guardian Angels Perspective: It Is Time

We love you so.

We cherish you, adore you and above all – we love you.

You are a firecracker and we enjoy watching you.

You are a wise spiritual teacher and your work must be shared with the world at large.  It is time.

No more procrastinating.  Your soul is calling out to you and will not stop until you heed its guidance.

You have much knowledge to share with the world – you are needed.

Each and every lesson you have learned has prepared you for this moment - your moment to shine and be you.  You are to be celebrated. 

We have watched you give so freely to others without question.  It is time to also give to yourself.  Make regular quiet time to hear our messages.

Your smile carries with it an energetic frequency that catapults others into love.  You unknowingly lead others into spiritual service, thank you for what you do.

Others may have described you in the past as whimsical, with your head in the clouds, but you are much more.  Do not let the past challenges have power over your future.  Do not let others limited beliefs of themselves impact your perception of yourself.  Take your power back. 

The task before you is not easy, but it can only be done by you.  We have aligned you with new friends and experiences so that you may continue to grow.

Release the burdens of blame, fear, doubt and lack so that they do not hold you back. 

You survived the fall in your childhood so that you would learn how to stand tall at all times. 

We trust in you and we ask that you trust in yourself.  You will be stronger because of it. 

With love,

Your Angels

Faith Anderson