A Guardian Angel’s Perspective: What I Wish She Knew

I have been with her from the moment she took her first breath.  

I was with her when she learned to tie her shoes by herself.

I was with her when she rode the bus to school by herself.

I celebrated with her when she took first place in her basketball tournament.

I celebrated with her when she got a C+ on the chemistry exam she studied so hard for.

I also captured her attention before she rear-ended the car in front of her.

I comforted her when her dog passed away.

I passed a message to her through a stranger on the street who told her to “hang in there” when she didn’t get accepted into the college she applied to.

These days, she has been so down about herself.

If she only knew what I knew about her.  

I would tell her

You are loved.

You are loved despite of who and what you think you are.

Don’t compare yourself to the person you want to be, with who you actually are.  That’s self-inflicted competition.

Please be patient.

The person you are is just fine and is already evolving into who you already authentically are.

You are loved even if you think you’re not worthy of being loved.

You do not have to be free of obstacles in order to feel valuable.  Love does not require you to already have your dream job, house or car.

The love I’m referring to is not just for romantic relationships, but also relationships between family and friends.

You do not have to stay in, or enter into any relationship in order to BE loved.

We all come from the same Divine source of love.  Please do not think someone is better than you because you aspire to be like or admire some of his or her characteristics.

Open yourself up to see the supporters around you and those that are guiding you from the depths of the Universe.

Open your heart up to being okay with yourself, as you are, for a lifetime.

I love you.

Faith Anderson