Casting Calls & Auditions Are Over

I had a very intimate and connected phone conversation with a friend today.  What she said blew my mind.

We were discussing bold changes she had made in her life when she quietly said:

“I’m no longer auditioning for anyone.” 

I had just pulled into my garage when she said that, and I couldn’t move or speak. I felt a shift within myself.  I instantly thought about times in which I behaved a certain way to mold myself into the way I wanted to be perceived by certain people.

What she said was so self-aware and brave.  Being our authentic self should be the easiest “thing” we can be, but unfortunately, it isn’t for most of us. 

Doing the inner work that is required of peeling back layers of self-judgment, loathing and angst takes courage.  It can even take years to recondition our thought patterns.

She then added that she could no longer carry nor play the roles she thought people wanted from her.  She just wanted to be her.

She spoke of drawing and maintaining boundaries within all of her relationships – romantic, friendships, co-workers, and family.

With practice, she has been able to find clear examples of which she has had to reinforce boundaries, and she did not feel bad about doing so. She spoke with so much esteem and grace. 

When our phone conversation ended this evening, I had tears in my eyes and felt so full of love for her.  I felt her authentic self fully shine through.  She no longer felt the need to wait for someone else to make her blossom; she had already planted the seed within herself.

Thank you for being an example for us all.

Love & Blessings,


Faith Anderson