Dear Self-Criticism

Dear Self-Criticism,

You have been living with me for years, not paying rent, and you have occupied the most room in my head.

I’ve decided to leave you for self-love. 

I know it will be painful for you since you will have to find a new place to live, but you must leave immediately.  I will return your security deposit with grace.  You will tell me that I need you and that I am nothing without you, but I know that I am worthy of love.  I was beautiful before you, and I will remain that way.  I know that I am evolving, but I can do so with less resistance, knowing that I am not coming home to you.  You kept me up late at night, talking to me about what I could do to be perfect.  You also delayed me from pursuing my dreams because you convinced me that someone else would be better at it than me.   My dreams have always been greater than you.  

Although we have been together many years and I know you very well, our relationship has been stressful.  You kept pieces of me that should have been shared with the world all to yourself.  I cannot afford to dwell in the shadow without consciously embracing all parts of myself that can be loved.

Today, I choose self-love and compassion for myself.

Thank you for being a teacher.



Faith Anderson