Exercise Compassion

Last week, I was blessed to witness a friend practice compassion in the most beautiful way.

We were in a busy train station, going home for the evening. A young homeless man walked up to us, with a gentle Spirit. He said to us “I’ve been homeless for three months and my mother said I could come home. All I need is three more dollars for my train fare.”

Without hesitation, my friend reached into her wallet and gave him much more than the three dollars he asked for. She handed him the money, held his hand and sweetly said: “God bless you.”

The young man stood frozen at the compassion he was receiving from her. He then told her “I would hug you, but I’m sure you don’t want to touch me.” She said, “Yes, I do.” She hugged him tightly for a long time. The relief coming from him was indescribable.

I walked behind him as I went to board a different train, and I could see the breakthrough and shift that occurred within him. He kept rubbing his head in disbelief.

I talked my friend later that evening, and I told her how I could not stop crying about what I saw her do. She replied “I’m glad he didn’t give up. Sometimes if we slow down just a tad…it was a blessing for me to not to help him financially, but to hug him. He needed that. We all need a helping hand sometimes. He’s human. I’m glad to have been in the right place at the right time. I hope one day he can pay it forward.” She then told me, “By the way, I learned slowing down from you.”

Daphne, you are an Earth Angel. We are blessed to walk through life with you.

Sending you all unconditional love and support,


Faith Anderson