Five Ways to Clear Unrealistic Expectations Of Yourself

I took a nasty tumble down the stairs last week.  My entire body still hurts.

Right before I fell, I was thinking about article ideas for my blog, accompanying pictures, fonts, laundry, social media, dinner, clothes for work, and next weekend's plans.  Can you say “team too much?”

When I hit the bottom of the stairs, I thought to myself, “Clearly, I need to slow down.”

I started to get angry with myself for falling, but I stopped blaming myself rather quickly.  To avoid becoming overloaded again, I needed to remove the unrealistic expectations I put on myself.

I stepped outside of myself to view the bigger picture.  I quickly came up with five action steps to work on this. 

Step 1: Pray to connect with the Creator (God, Universe) and yourself.

Prayer and meditation are essential for me.  During this time, I allow myself to be grateful, ask for help and to also be thankful for myself.

Step Two: Release what you cannot control.

Releasing what you do not have control over, lands you where you need to be. 

 When I fell, I tripped over the laundry I was carrying down the stairs.  I was also aggravated that I as doing an unexpected load that I had not planned on doing.  I did not have control over having to do an extra load of laundry, so I had no reason to be upset about it

Step Three: Plan, but be flexible.

I had planned on writing five more posts to schedule for the week, but as a result of the fall, I went to bed instead.  Early in the week, I began searching for blog scheduling tools to help me alleviate stress.

Step Four: Engaging in self-care

Taking twenty minutes a day can help you get clear on the tasks you need to accomplish for the day.  I typically pray and meditate before I start my day.  Another friend of mine reads one chapter out of an inspirational book in the mornings before she starts her work day.

Step Five: Trust the guidance you receive.

After you have prayed, meditated and rested you will receive guidance.  Trust it.  It is in the nudges that we find solutions and passion for the dreams we are chasing.

Do any of these steps resonate with you?  Please share in the comments below.

Love & Blessings,


Faith Anderson