Happy Valentine's Day!

February is adoringly known as the month of love.  We read books and articles on how to manifest your soul mate, that it’s okay to be alone for Valentine’s Day or a new chocolate cake recipe. 

I have always celebrated Valentine’s Day by giving gifts to loved ones and dining at a favorite restaurant. Valentine’s Day has always been enjoyable, but I mostly observed as a chore, not out of desire.

After a recent conversation with my daughter, I decided to relish on Valentine’s Day a bit more.  She asked me if Valentine’s Day was still a holiday since it wasn’t Christmas.   Although I never much thought of it as a real holiday, I could see the hope on her face that I would say yes.  She then followed up with a smile saying that she loved holidays and started listing them all.  I realized then that I wanted Valentine’s Day to be more special in our household.

I began thinking about what we could do differently this year to celebrate.  I started by listing all of the love in my life.  The list became shockingly long.  I re-read it and found my favorite was the fact that I am now consciously living a heart-centered life.

Our new tradition entails making Valentine’s Day cards together and speaking with my daughter on what she loves the most about herself.  As a daily ritual, we sit together in front of a mirror, and I tell her how beautiful she is.

I am grateful to my daughter for changing our family tradition.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Love,