Have Compassion for Yourself

Having compassion for myself has been one of the most difficult internal tasks I have been faced with developing.

It is easy to tally a list of all the negative things you thought or perceived you did wrong in an hour, let alone a full day.

When you are not feeling the best, it’s okay to take the time to feel sadness or anger, but it is important not to let yourself dwell in that mindset.

I can remember a recent time I sent a group e-mail that had one typo in it.  I said to myself “You are so stupid!” “Everyone is going to think you are so dumb!” “How could you miss that?”

After the tiring 15 minutes, I spent beating myself up I slowed down and thought – “Okay, so I had a typo?  And?”  At the core of the anger, I realized I was worried about how people would perceive me.  Would they perceive me as less intelligent for including “that that” in a sentence?  No, they would not.

The frequently mentioned phrase of  “how people feel about you is none of your business” came to mind. 

But how you feel about yourself is your business.

Loving yourself for a lifetime is a serious commitment.  What if you took a vow with yourself that every day you would say one less bad thing about yourself?  Just one less negative thing a day until your thoughts about yourself are filled with confidence.

Trust that you are enough, where you are, how you are at this moment - right now.

Love & Blessings,


Faith Anderson