Learn to listen to your intuition again

Do you sometimes feel that you don’t know what to do?

Have you prayed to God - The Universe, Creator, and The Divine - and felt like you didn’t receive a response?

Have you reached out to your guidance team – Spirit Guides and Angels - and felt like you didn’t receive a response?

You are not alone.  I have felt like this before.  

Perhaps you received an answer; however, you may have overlooked it because you were tied to a particular response to your situation that you did not listen to your intuition. 

Of course, you will receive assistance along the way in the forms of visible signs, teachers and even unsolicited advice from people that care about you, but most answers can be found within.

The key is to listen and trust your intuition.

I have found when I have felt that my intuition wasn’t “working” I needed to slow down and regroup.   Your intuition is ALWAYS working.  Your Soul knows the next best steps to take. 

There have been many times during the day where I needed to ground myself before I could truly ask for what I needed assistance with.  When you are angry or speaking from fear, the prayer you send may not truly what you need or desire.

A friend of mine had gotten upset with a situation at their job.  I remember her telling me how angry she was that she had to go to the bathroom to pray that she would find another job.  She interviewed at several companies and was offered a position, but she respectfully declined.  She told me, months later, that she realized she needed to pray for how she reacted in situations she felt uncomfortable in, and that she did not want a new job as the current job worked for her concerning work-life balance, etc.  Coincidentally, she had another friend at the same time apply for a job at another company, received an offer and took the job.  Her friend regretted the decision she made as she felt like she left her old job out of anger and fear.

Listening to your intuition is much like leading with your heart.  The directions may not always seem logical in your eyes, especially if you are demanding a response immediately.  Sometimes the answer is not always yes or no.  The answer could be maybe or not right now.

Love & Blessings,


Faith Anderson