Love Yourself Beautifully

“Don’t ever think I fell for you, or fell over you.  I didn’t fall in love, I rose in it.” – from JAZZ (1991) by Toni Morrison

We sometimes give our power to others, and credit them for our success in relationships.  We rely on the way they make us feel to determine our self-worth.

Love resides in us, and it is up to us to recognize it.  For some, it may require a lot of hard work.  There are patterns in our life that we must first become acquainted with and overcome.  We also must identify some of the uncomfortable moments for what they were - teachers.  Some of the teachers we have had, burst our hearts wide open and we experienced joy and bliss.  Other times we danced with confusion and pain. 

Successful relationships are the result of all parties involved, co-creating a space in which individuals are allowed to express themselves as they are, with no conditions.  Space is held for healthy boundaries and dialogue.

Love is what you are made of.  Compassion promotes love.  Love then unlocks the door for your truth to be heard and gives you the courage to stand in peace.  When you love yourself, it is then that you can recognize that loving others begins with you.  When emotions are stirring, remember to love yourself beautifully.


Faith Anderson