Sorting Out My Beliefs

Many of us, including myself, have had to work through the negative thoughts in our heads.

I would regularly judge my accomplishments based on society’s milestones of standard conventions.  This resulted in low self-esteem, anxiety and a lack of patience for myself.  I was celebrating my wins – neither small or large.

After connecting with my mentor Amanda, and my Guidance Team in this area of development, I was given great ideas on how to cope with the conflicting energy I was carrying. 

I needed to “throw out” old thought forms and patterns.  We envisioned me physically sorting and tossing out stacks of paper.  Each piece paper symbolized the gooey thoughts that did not serve me. 

For each issue, I thought to myself “Who’s worry is this?”  “How can I return it to the source?”  I would then put them in the garbage to release them from my energy field.   Because many of us sometimes require tangible rituals, another method I have engaged in that helped me was to write out the negative thoughts on paper.  I then burned the paper in my outdoor fire pit to release the emotion behind the thought from me. 

Take time to sort out the beliefs you have about yourself.  Are they based on society’s standards?  Are you comparing yourself to a non-existent person?  Don’t let who you think you should steal your joy!

When I feel my thoughts becoming clouded, I compare the positive and negative thoughts about the situation side by side.  I then choose to go with the better thought.

Do you have any beliefs you need to sort out?

Love & Blessings,


Faith Anderson