Take Aim For Your Heart

Aiming for your heart requires you sometimes to be vocal, radical, spontaneous, patient, quiet and loud.

Everyone has his or her own goals they dream of pursuing.  Striving for our dreams can appear to be a daunting task.  Many of us hesitate to go after them out of fear that we won’t be able to reach our goals or don’t know how to begin to achieve them.

I have had many friends campaign for a job promotion without hesitation, however, when it came to them going after their innermost desires, they decided not to participate at all because they felt unqualified.

Seeking a job promotion is no different than aiming for your heart when you set the intention.  When you seek a job promotion, you co-create and take steps to get the job.  During this process, you may seek a mentor, spruce up your resume, take professional development courses and present your supervisor with supporting documentation of your achievements.

When going after what you want, you will likely have to take steps that may leave you feeling unsettled, but you will still intuitively know you are on the right track.  To begin reaching for your dreams, listen to the inner nudges and let your intuition guide you towards the steps to take to walk into your destiny.  You may be led to planning, talk to new people or attend workshops.   You will indeed find coaches and new tribe members along the way, but it is essential that you be your advocate.

Being your own advocate will help you find courage in the face of uncertainty.  It will also give you a voice – a voice to ask questions.  You will begin engaging and asking questions of others, familiar and unfamiliar.  In doing this, you will also gain an understanding and then energetically align with what it is you want.   Some of your dreams may evolve on your pursuit, but the pursuit in itself will be life enhancing.

When you release fear from your heart, the room is then made for creative and blissful energy to flow into your life.   You will never look back and wonder what would have happened if you had just taken the first step.

What are you aiming for?

Love & Blessings,