Who Are You When You Are Not Judging Yourself?

As I was getting ready this morning, I looked in the mirror and asked myself, “Who are you when you are not judging yourself?”

The instant responses that came were:

-       I am a better student and teacher.  I am open to receive and can share my knowledge and  offer advice from a neutral perspective

-       I have the ability to embrace and accept transformation in myself and others

-       My intuition is stronger

-       I am good to myself

-       I trust the answers that I receive when I pray for guidance

-       I am compassionate towards others

-       I understand that when there is a bad day, it is not the end

-       I remember my Divine origins

-       I am open to new experiences

-       I am patient with myself

-       I readily receive and radiate love

-       I am fearless

Who are you?

With love,


Faith Anderson