Why Believing In Yourself Is A Superpower

Believing in yourself is a superpower. 

Getting back to the real you requires your participation and follow through.  It is difficult to listen to your intuition when your mind has constant chatter.

The other night I decided that I was finally going to select, print and hang the pictures to go in my family tree frame collection.  I have had the frame set for over a year.  I was unable to get the pictures that I selected to format properly or print clearly.  I tried various tools and the pictures still did not turn out right.  I found myself getting upset because I wanted the project to be completed instantly because I felt it should have been easy.  Suddenly, tears started to fall.  The next thing I knew, my thoughts began to snowball and caused me to think about every single possible task I had to complete in every area of my life.  The problem came because I did not allow myself to accept my frustration or ask for help when I needed it.   My husband walked into our office and asked what was wrong.  I replied out of unnecessary desperation, “I thought I was happy.”  It dawned on me that I wasn’t upset about the picture project at all, I was disappointed about how I reacted from questioning a decision I made earlier in the day.

Looking back at crying over the frames seems so small.  At that moment I was also thinking that I should know better since I’ve read all the latest books in spirituality and attended various workshops.  It is great to read self-help books, listen to audio courses and take e-courses, but you have to apply those tools as best you can in your life without shaming yourself in the process.  That is what I was doing.

Each day is an opportunity to pick yourself up again and keep walking your path to destiny.  It is normal to have an off day, but strength is found when you get up and try it again.  Your dreams work when you work to achieve them. 

I re-centered myself and surrendered to my feelings, and gave them over to the Universe.  I woke up the next morning recharged and refreshed.   This night as I write this, I am certainly okay with taking a break from the picture project, but know that this weekend I will tackle it with patience and a friend.

“The Universe gives you as many chances as you are willing to take.”

- Robert Ohotto

Keep going and taking the necessary steps towards your destiny, no matter how large or small your steps are.  It’s okay and safe not to have everything figured out.  Give yourself a chance to show up and show yourself what you can do.  The blessings will start flowing.

Believe that you are your own superhero.  Believing in yourself allows you to see the signs that appear to acknowledge that you are on the right track.  Believing in yourself let’s you breathe, see possibilities and come out on the other side of a challenge with a new perspective.

I believe in you.


Faith Anderson