Be Flexible

“Mind: How will I get there? What should I do? When will I know? What’s next? How long will it take? How much longer will this last? How will I know? What if I overlook the sign? What if I misinterpret the sign? What is my next step?

Soul: Journey within. You will find the answers to all that you seek.”

What do you typically do when your thoughts run rapid, and you obsess over figuring out what to do? Do you permit yourself to look within or do you remain conflicted?

During uncertain times, consider getting silent and surrendering to the Universe. This is also an opportunity to reflect on what your spiritual practice entails. My spiritual practice includes prayer, meditation, and mentorship, to stay grounded.

The more we are polarized and focus on the need to have a concrete answer and plan, the less we are receptive to what could be.

Be flexible and go with the flow.

You are guided and loved,


Faith Anderson