Freedom's Eve

She dreamed of freedom that she already possessed. She desired freedom from pain, fear, self-judgment, and shame.

She played by the rules. Why was this happening again?

The most recent occurrence left her in agony.

The agony catapulted her into deep shadow work.

Her shadow pushed, pulled and wept at the idea of relinquishing control.

After awhile, she began to feel like herself. She began to laugh, rejoice and sing.

The next week, she was angry again.

After pushing and pulling with her consciousness, she retreated within. To begin anew, she knew she needed to become one with her heart.

With a fresh set of eyes, she made a pact with her pain, fear, self-judgment, and shame. She now understood where they came from and accepted them for whom they were. She told them they were allowed to exist, as resisting them hardened her. They were no longer in control of her destiny. She realized courage is formed on the wings of vulnerability.

After the pact had been sealed, she left home with new hiking shoes and a backpack. She embarked on a journey, so personal only few of us knew of the miracle that was taking place.

She pleaded with God to show her what to do. She was ready to receive, but this time, willing to do the rest of the work.

Old friends, relationships, and jobs were now teachers.  She viewed each person and experience as an opportunity to show the world what she was made of.

SHE is in charge of her happiness. SHE is here for good. SHE is all of us.


Faith Anderson