Good Friends

After having an enjoyable phone conversation with a best friend, who ended the call by saying “You get me.” I was moved to reflect on the friends in my life.

Every one of you continues to inspire me. You have incredible stories that have left me in awe. I have written about the actions I have witnessed some of you perform, however, all of you have cultivated a beautiful path. Some of you are parents, healers, entrepreneurs, writers, teachers, co-workers, legal professionals and more.

Our journeys are not meant to be completed in solitude. We are designed to be part of a tribe that we can relate to on the Soul level.

Good friends are those that see past your fears and help bring you out of your hiding place. They are anchors when the waves of life roll in. Friends celebrate your success and excitedly await your next steps. They cheer you on as you foster your progress.

Over the past few weeks, my friends have reminded me of who I am and will always be - whole and complete.

YOU get me.

Your friend,