Wings Were Made To Fly

Several years ago someone remarked about a loved one and said:

“She’s always embarking on a personal journey.”

The comment was meant to be an insult.

We are ALL on a spiritual journey.  No one is less or more spiritual than you.  Every action taken is spiritual.

It is better to stop making each other wrong for our way of achieving our dreams.  When we support each other’s growth and development, miracles unfold.  We begin to evolve from the old mindset of “look what you did to me” and grow into “you help bring out the best in me.”  Inspire one another in the name of Love.

You are entitled to experience a joyous life and meant to have meaningful connections with others. 

The person that was the subject of discussion was, in fact, aware of her constant evolution.  She empowered herself with the ability to co-create on each leg of her journey.  Her Soul is entirely present in each day.  Your Soul does not operate separately from the life you are living.

Take flight toward what you know to be on the horizon.  After all, wings were made to fly.

I honor your journey.


Faith Anderson