You Can Begin Again

Beginning again sounds much like starting over.  Starting again, with a fresh set of eyes and renewed perspective allows us to have a deeper understanding of where we might hope to go.  As our wisdom is gained from varied experiences, there are no lessons that are lost or wasted. 

One can never truly start over.  Opportunities will come your way again, as energy is perpetual.

During major upheaval in our lives, and as new energy incorporates into our system, the old energy moves out; however, it asks us to feel our emotions without self-judgment.  As you release these emotions, you may feel tired or irritable.

Living a spiritual life does not mean you evade hardship or difficult emotions.  Spirituality gives us the necessary tools to move through life with a better understanding of self-love, patience, and compassion for others.

There are times in which you might wonder why the same lessons present themselves after you thought you already “figured it out.”  This does not mean you have missed your mark.  Sometimes, similar circumstances occur again so that you may gain a more profound perspective the second or third time. Arguing with yourself about why something is happening is not manageable.  Overthinking can cause you to lose your perspective and take longer to assess your options.

We are all under construction.  Hold yourself steady as the cracks in the pavement are sealed.  Transformation happens in the stillness of your heart.  A marriage between your heart and mind permits your Soul to shine brilliantly.

Be kind to yourself.

Your friend on this journey,