You Have Not Fallen Short

It is easy and equally devastating to your psyche to always compare yourself to a friend that you perceive to be doing better than you.  Unknowingly, dissatisfaction with your current situation could even lead you to point out what they could be doing differently on their course. 

Don’t make the other person wrong and continue to work on your development.  Stand in your power by working towards goals that you know to be of importance.

Some of the opportunities that may have been presented to you in the past, you decided against, and you now live with regret.  This does not mean that new opportunities will never present themselves to you. There is no expiration date with regard to moving towards your destiny. 

You have not fallen short.

Each occurrence in your life in divinely timed.  Your Spiritual Team does a great deal of work behind the scenes to get opportunities lined up for you.

“God knows how to reach you.  The Universe has your number.  Enjoy where you’re at.”
- Robert Ohotto

Trust that you are supported.  Believe that you are worthy and ultimately, let any feelings you have that may include uncertainty, resentment, jealousy, and anger free.  When the emotions rise to the surface, it is important to understand where they came from.  The key is not to abandon you, be present and stop expecting bad things to occur.  Even when it is challenging, remember to pray for guidance and then transmute the old feelings and habits with love.

Constantly judging yourself is not manageable.  When you are judging yourself for “never getting it right” your behavior will support your judgment.  You may engage in activities that do not serve your highest good. 

When you judge yourself, you live in your head instead of your heart.  Living from -and within your heart is how love is revealed.  As you follow your heart, you will notice that you will begin to receive ideas on personal development.  Responses to your prayers and questions will be revealed.  Spirit always answers on time.  Be on the lookout, as some of the responses will be in the form of a new project or loving words from a friend.

Sending you love on your journey.

Your Soul Sister,