Wonder Woman & Beyonce

I just came back home after watching the movie Wonder Woman.

I left the theater feeling empowered and more astute. I began to think many things including the stories of ancient Gods and Goddesses.  Their stories help us recognize ourselves in them.  Their archetypes reside within us individually as well as collectively.

After the movie had ended, a woman walked up to me and said: “Oh, I thought you were wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt.”  I responded, “I am.”  I was wearing my 2016 Formation World Tour concert t-shirt, with Beyonce’s face on the front.

The brief encounter next led me to think about Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade.

When Beyonce started the process of working on Lemonade, she was a different person.  When you embark on a journey, it is always about the process of self-discovery, not the result.  Beyonce’s transformation healed many of us including some of our ancestral patterns.  When we heal ourselves, we heal others. 

The rise of the Divine Feminine continues to unfold.  I am not sure what the course will ultimately look like, but I do know it’s our birthright.