Turn On Your Light

Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know.  That can be your greatest strength and ensure you do things differently from everyone else. 
— Sara Blakely

Let’s chat about the notion of being a lightworker. Each of us has unique talents and something to share with the world. No one is left out of that. You can still work in “Corporate America” and be great at what you do. Some of you don’t realize how you can change the energy of a meeting by simply walking into the room.

You don’t have to be a practicing medium or expend large amounts of energy to be seen or heard as a lightworker. If you’re reading this post, you’re a lightworker. You belong.

You arrive once you’ve met yourself, as you are - not when you have the career you think you should have.

Now is not the time to suppress your gifts.  The world needs your magic, for your vibration echoes through the universe.  Your ability to see your self as you truly are raises your vibration. 

Don’t forget to turn on your light - it’s waiting for you.