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Throughout my website, you will notice a lot of Sacred Geometry.   Sacred Geometry is the study of how the Universe communicates to us through symbols, structure, and patterns involving space, time and form.  

It is a language of lines and numbers that our ancestors used to convey, understand and teach the concepts of universal consciousness and connection, spiritual healing and balance through energy movement and placement. 

The Universe is a living and breathing conscious energy and is always talking to us.  However, we must pay careful attention to see the signs and understand the patterns and their Divine messages.  Paying attention to the symbols and patterns does not have to involve deep meditation.  It just requires a genuine intention to see the healing and restorative gifts in front of us and be open to receiving them.

My hope in creating the mandalas is that you feel restored and reconnected to the universe’s Divine source and energy after you have spent time coloring them.

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